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Building a Low-Code Solution for Efficient Infrastructure Project Management




General Business

Managing infrastructure projects can be complex and challenging, especially when it comes to tracking timelines, budget, and spend. Our team was brought in to develop a low-code solution using Microsoft® technologies to help a client improve their infrastructure project

management, covering a total budget over $1Billion.

Our team created a web application that enables project managers to track project timelines, budget, and spend in real-time. The application is built on the Microsoft® Power Platform, which allows for easy integration with other Microsoft® tools such as Excel, SharePoint, and Power BI.

To develop the solution, we first worked with the client to identify their project management needs and requirements. We then designed a data model that would enable project managers to input and track project data, including timelines, budget, and spend.

The solution was developed using the Microsoft® Power Platform's low-code capabilities, including Power Apps for the user interface, Power Automate for workflow automation, Power BI for reporting and analytics and Microsoft® SharePoint for document management and collaboration.

The application provides project managers with a comprehensive view of their projects, enabling them to track project milestones and budget, identify potential issues, and collaborate with team members to address these issues in real-time.

The low-code solution has helped our client manage infrastructure projects more efficiently and effectively, resulting in significant improvements in project delivery timelines and budget management.

Ultimately, our low-code solution using Microsoft® technologies provides a powerful tool for infrastructure project management. Our expertise in low-code development and Microsoft® technologies can help organizations streamline their project management processes and achieve better outcomes.

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