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Managing Community and Infrastructure Development: A Cloud-Based Analytics Solution for a Governor's Office




Disaster Recovery

Our team upgraded the reporting and analytics capabilities of a government agency managing a $1 billion Community and Infrastructure Development Program to rebuild and strengthen communities affected by a FEMA-declared natural disaster. The complex program involved managing multiple projects, budgets, and stakeholders, and the agency required better visibility into program performance.

We deployed a comprehensive, cloud-based analytics and reporting solution, replacing legacy systems and reporting with a fully automated system that allowed for web-based access and integration with existing databases. The solution included an interactive project schedule, financial dashboards, budget tracking, data collection and aggregation across multiple systems, and time-bound automated reporting to support program management and decision-making.

A key feature of our solution was the ability to collect and aggregate data from multiple systems to provide a unified view. Our client had data scattered across financial systems, project management tools, and GIS mapping tools. Combining all data into a single system enabled a comprehensive program performance analysis that helped our client identify areas for improvement.

The program included many different projects and workstreams, each with its own set of timelines and milestones. Our solution included an interactive project schedule that allowed our client to track progress across these individual workstreams and identify potential delays or issues.

Our solution also provided time-bound automated reporting to support program management and decision-making. This allowed our client to quickly generate and share reports on program performance.

Overall, our cloud-based analytics and reporting solution provided the Governor’s Office with the tools they needed to manage the program effectively. By upgrading their reporting and analytics capabilities, they were able to get better visibility into program performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

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